Calinda, healthiest strawberry!

Calinda, healthiest strawberry!

Calinda, the healthiest strawberry, both for us as for our planet

Mid-January, the sixth season of Calinda, the tastiest strawberry that the Mediterranean countries have to offer, starts at Special Fruit. Also this year it looks promising from the start. The new plants show their first fruits in optimal conditions. So we can look forward to a crunchy Spring of top strawberries. The Calinda season will approach the volume of 5.5 million kilos.

Recent research by IFAPA (Andalusian Institute for Research & Training in Agriculture) in 2019 showed the Calinda variety - compared to other Huelva varieties - to be the most healthy. It contains the highest number of vitamin C and antioxidants. So the strawberry not only has a deep red iconic shape, a sweet, juicy taste, but turns out to be super healthy too.

It also keeps the environment healthy. Special Fruit selected the 9 best Calinda - growers who together cover an area of over 130 hectares. This land also needs to be irrigated. All our growers do this in a sustainable and responsible way. Many of them have already joined or will join the ‘SPRING’ audit system, part of Global Gap. They supervise the legal use of water in the Doñana area.

Meanwhile, Calinda is also growing in Morocco and Egypt, where the climate also benefits the flavour of the strawberry. "We are delighted that we are on the same page with all our growers. Our growers have been working with the Calinda variety for several years now and are therefore very experienced. A wonderful collaboration that can only lead to a beautiful product", says Polina Valkanova, Product Manager Calinda. 

To summarize all the advantages of Calinda :


- Intense, sweet taste

- Beautiful shape & color

- Firm bite with soft & juicy flesh

- Long shelf life: less loss = more profit

- The healthiest Huelva variety

- Integrated & sustainable supply chain under the direction of Special Fruit