June = avocadomonth

June = avocadomonth

June usually is in the sweet spot of promotable avocado volume and to support its peak availability we celebrate the fruit during this whole month.

The World Avocado Association (WAO)  will be dedicating the month of June to the awesome fruit of life.  And we will be helping them to  let this precious fruit shine. Find some delicious recipes on our website, ask your sales contact for special promos and get a free cookbook with some inspirational recipes of the avocado.

Many hand-me-down recipes call for large quantities of fatty ingredients in their sauces and gravies. Isn’t it good to know avos offer a healthier, natural alternative? Avos contain no cholesterol, are virtually free from sodium, they’re high in monounsaturated fat and a good source of potassium.


To whet your appetite here is the link to our favourite cookbook