Quality First

Quality First

In January, Special Fruit began using the new quality platform Agrinorm. This app was set up by a Swiss start-up company of young professionals with excellent technical skills . From now on they will replace our former partner Muddyboots to provide us with information about the journey our products make through the quality chain and the impact this can have on their quality.

The platform is a much more efficient way to get all aspects about the quality of a certain lot to all involved in a quick and visual way. From supplier to customer.

What does Agrinorm provide, and how does it do it?

The agtech provides a set of user-friendly tools for inspectors and surveyors from farm gate to retail. Its AI-powered data analytics platform tailored to fresh produce industry makes it easier to identify trends, spot improvement opportunities, keep quality and commercial teams on the same page, and make sure that the right products are allocated to the right customers.

A first in the sector and a game-changer is how Agrinorm enables companies to manage quality together with their supply chain partners. Daria Reisch, the Co-founder of Agrinorm said, "The key to success is in the ability of companies to collaborate and exchange information with each other. A farmer should know which variety performs best, so he can plant more of it next year. And a distributor should see if it rained in the field, so he can predict the shelf-life and choose the right channel. Quality management is the new source of competitive advantage for fresh produce companies. Those who manage to prevent quality issues will have lower costs, more negligible environmental impact, and desired by the customers. "