The first year of ...

Lise Van Eyck, account department
Time flies, already a year has passed at Special Fruit. At least, as a permanent employee. 
I have been with Special Fruit since 'the year I turned 16'. Then I was allowed to start working as a student. Every summer holiday and sometimes other school holidays, I was ready to come back to work at Special Fruit. 
First I helped out in production. Weighing, checking, packaging, applying stickers,...: all the trimmings. And tasting once in a while of course, oopsie. What a time that was, so much fun and so informative! 
At one point, I 'moved' to the accounting department. There, they could use a hand in replenishing the archives and administration. It started with simple tasks, but I gradually became more familiar with the work and built up knowledge and skills. The tasks gradually became more difficult. This challenged me and gave me energy. 
I never had anything to do with accounting, but I liked it! I always wanted to know and learn about everything, both in production about the fruit and vegetables, but also about bookkeeping and how it all works. 
That is how I got into accounting and how I stayed there after I graduated. 
Such a nice team and team leader, such nice colleagues, an open and friendly atmosphere made the start in the 'real working life' easier. After all those years as a student, I had also become a bit of a 'homebody'. 
From day one that I was permanently employed, I could actually just start working with the foreknowledge I had already acquired. Of course, this had to be supplemented further. HR and Peter, my team leader, had already provided a plan of approach to let me learn even more and to let me grow even more. And I am still working on that to this day. Even more learning, even more growth, even more chats at the coffee machine and walks in the afternoon break. 
I look back on this year very positively. I would like to add many more years to my list! 
It's already been a year. Time flies, it's already been a year at Special Fruit!