Special Fruit Producciones

It does not end at Meer

True: Meer in Belgium is the perfect location for serving our European customers. But it cannot handle all of our business alone. Southern Europe is not only an important source of consumer demand, but also home to important centres of fruit production. That's why Special Fruit operates a fully equipped 1200 m2 subsidiary in Huelva, Spain: right in the heart of Southern Europe's prime red fruit production zone. 

Special Fruit Spain

  • In 2004 our commercial office opened in Huelva. Its purpose is to Construct  a local network with  berry and currant growers
  • In 2005, this led to the opening of a warehouse for storage and packaging of berries and exotics
  • There are 15 full-time employees, supplemented seasonally as required 
  • They guarantee yearround product availability