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Softripe technology

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Softripe technology

Avocados with the best quality standard? To answer this, Special Fruit invested in Softripe ripening cells, an AI-based technology. This results in even better fruit quality and a significantly longer shelf life, even without the use of additives. This reduces fruit waste to a minimum.

  • A patented innovation in ripening technology, winner of Silver Innovation Award @ Fruit Logistica
  • Intelligent software controls the ripening process to ripen fruit in a stress-free manner
  • Special Fruit is the exclusive launch partner in Belgium


  • A more uniform, ready-to-eat avocado
  • Better shelf life, less waste in the store and at home
  • A better eating experience, a nutty taste

Softripe is the natural way to reduce food waste and increase consumer satisfaction, making shoppers more likely to buy and the category perform better.

To better understand the benefits that Softripe technology can offer you, please click this link.