Asparagus - white

Asparagus - white

these tasty Asparagus - whites in

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  • In the shop: min. 0°C – max. 3°C
  • Ethylene sensitivity: moderate
  • Ethylene productivity: low
  • At home: keep refrigerated, 0-2°C

Quality and ripeness

  • The asparagus have a straight stem and firm, closed buds.
  • The bottom should be nice and fresh rather than woody or discoloured.
  • When rubbing fresh asparagus together, they should "squeak".


A traditional Flemish dish is asparagus with eggs and ham. In addition, asparagus are delicious with fish, meat, chicken or salads. Asparagus go well with white wine.

Preparing asparagus:
White asparagus must be pealed carefully, which is easiest with a potato peeler. Put them on your cutting board and carefully peal them from the bottom to the top, turn them around and repeat until you have peeled the asparagus all around. Boil them with some salt for about 10 minutes, steaming takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Transport methods

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