Strawberries Calinda

Strawberries Calinda

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Calinda is full of summery sweetness and juicy flavor. That’s because Calinda is  grown in a sustainable way in pure, natural soil with plenty of Mediterranean sunshine. Calinda is selected and packaged in the field and send to you within hours of picking. Now you can enjoy delicious strawberries in the winter from December till June. Try our delicious serving suggestions on the packaging.


A ‘must-have’ strawberry

  • Intense, sweet flavor
  • Beautiful shape & color
  • Soft, juicy bite
  • Extended shelf-life: less waste
  • Integrated Supply Chain: quality & safety control, effective tracking & tracing
  • Full Marketing Support, designed with and for our retail partners

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Transport methods

Air Sea Land


Transport method
not used
Transport method

Recipe: toast avocado - strawberry


  • 1 ready to eat avocado
  • 100g (Calinda) strawberries
  • 2 slices toasted bread

Preparation method

Slice the avocado and strawberries. Put on toast, sprinkle with fresh pepper.